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Fast Food and Food Stamps - What About the Subway Model?

Very well, I am not very happy with idea of getting forty seven million Americans on food stamps. I'm troubled by the simple fact that the amount of individuals on food stamps grows every single day, which inevitably makes folks weak and unable to care for themselves in our recently created nanny state. Not very long ago the take out sector had gotten in concert to lobby Congress since they desired in on the foods stamp deal.

Think about whether you'll when the federal government offers food stamps to only particular kinds of food stores, then folks make use of those food stamps there and quit spending money at other kinds of restaurants that are not able to draw those food stamps. Additionally, lots of poor individuals do not have huge supermarket chains in the area of theirs in urban bad areas. Thus, about the one place they are able to purchase food is in the liquor store, comfort in store, or perhaps at a take out joints close by.

Now then, what is that you do not like about someone drive the family unit of theirs into Subway sandwiches, getting some sort of a deal, and also permitting the children to split a foot long sub sandwich? If that submarine sandwich expense $4.99 as well as 2 kids split it, they are able to have dinner for aproximatelly $2.50 each. That is a great price tag, and it is going to be healthy in case they receive a submarine sandwich. Naturally, Subway has meal deals including other things, cookies, and soda pop that go against the entire idea of attempting to avoid diabetes.

Okay, but the simple fact is they can purchase soda within the grocery store, Pop Tarts, cookies, buttered popcorn, chips, and all kinds of various other items. I would love to mention 2 other points;

Absolutely no Soda
Modern Day Cash Registers

You see, each of the contemporary day cash registers utilized in all of the take out places let the operator to disallow particular kinds of transactions. For instance in case you generate a coupon, it won't provide the discount making use of that code number on things that are particular . Since all these take out registers have this capability, then in case somebody uses the food stamp brush card, only make it so they can't buy cookies or soda in case they go into subway for diabetics to consume for instance.

And, it does not only need to be Subway also. Wendy's Hamburgers has salads and meals that's great for people to consume, so too does McDonald's, along with additional eateries. If a person would like to purchase a soda with the food of theirs, they can pay for that because of their personal funds, though the food stamps program would not permit it. We might solve this particular problem is all I'm saying. It is not I desire the food stamp program to develop, I definitely do not, I do not believe in providing folks fishes, I feel in teaching individuals to fish.


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